Money Saving Tip – (AKA) A Sneaky Way to Save Money!

Photo on 2-9-14 at 12.09 PMSaving money can be a chore and is a pain to do sometimes.  I found that saving money was an extra step when I got paid. I’d have to look at what I got paid. Then decide if I want to save the money and if so how much.

The one issue with the money looking at me in the bank, I can always come up with something else to use the money for. Guess what, before I know it, I haven’t saved anything and I’ve put off saving till the next check. This is a never ending cycle and at the end of the year nothing is in savings at all.

Here is what I call the sneaky way of saving money. First, Natalie and I listed all our bills for each month. Second, we included the amount we pay ourselves each week. Third, we totaled how much we bring in each and every month. Finally, we subtracted the total spent from the total we bring in and that’s what we should have left at the end of each month. [Read more...]

Saving Money On Your Heating Bills

heater1-2Winter is creeping up on us and temperatures are already dropping. This means now is the time to start thinking about how to lower your heating bill this winter. There are so many low or no cost things you can do to prevent your bill from getting out of control.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Weatherize your house. Look for any places where there may be small cracks and heat can escape. Replace any weather-stripping on doors and windows. Seal up leaks with silicone caulking.

2. Change filters on heaters. If your heater has to work harder to keep your home warm, this creates an unnecessary rise in your bill.

3. Don’t rely solely on your home’s heating system to keep you warm. Rather than cranking the heat up, put on layers and wear slippers. Wrap up in a blanket.

4. Keep your home at a consistent temperature. When your heater is not working overtime having to compensate for large temperature drops within your home, it works more efficiently.

5. Use curtains. There are several on the market that will help keep warm air in at night, not allowing it to escape as fast. Also, opening the curtains on sunny days can help get heat into your home.

6. Use fans. This may sound silly as you are not trying to keep cool, but the use of a fan right near a heater will distribute your heat faster and more evenly.

7. Add door sweeps.  These are amazing at keeping heat in. Under your door is a big heat leak and keeping them fitted with a door sweep will save you a lot. This fix is cheap, about $3-$5 and installs in just a minute.

8. Turn down your water heater. Keeping it below 120 degrees Fahrenheit will save you money and you probably won’t even notice a difference.

9. Cover your windows with plastic covering made just for them. They will not only keep in heat, but stop them from rattling in heavy winter winds.

How do you keep warm once the temperature drops and stay on or under budget doing it?

How To Make A Basic Slouchy Beanie

slouchybeanieFor as long as I can remember I have wanted a slouchy beanie – even before I went natural. I knew they would be great for those days I didn’t have time to be messing around with my hair.

I had been stalking Amazon for just the right beanie ( right price was more like it)  but couldn’t find one that I just had to have. I think I was being cheap and maybe just a wee bit lazy. Yes, it’s hard to press the buy button sometimes.

[Read more...]

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